Thursday, April 2, 2009

look what i found on my camera?...3.16

so. i apparently ran a few errands on the night of the 16th.

because i was definitely not a part of this picture taking experience.

i FINALLY figured out how to upload my pics to picasa. (i figured it out on my own, thankyouverymuch.) so, i was uploading quite a few files.

i wasn't really paying too much attention to what i was doing. til i glanced at a picture and noticed laundry.

i thought, hmmm...i don't usually take pictures of laundry. even though i do TONS of laundry. i know no one wants to read about laundry :)

upon closer inspection, i noticed my 4.5 month son perched precariously across the clothes.


i immediately went to find my husband. you know, the only one who is capable of operating the camera besides me.

he said he was holding jacob in the laundry room and thought it would be funny to put jacob in the laundry basket.

and apparently to get the camera to capture this proud parenting moment for the ages.

seriously. what are men thinking? and why do they have the same humor as a 4th grader?!?

p.s. no children were hurt during the making of these pictures. a certain husband WAS hurt when his wife kicked him in the shin for putting my precious BABY in a laundry basket.


Elizabeth J Williams said...

Don't worry Kelly, Tim is not so crazy after all. We let Walker SLEEP in a laundry basket when he was a few months old at the grandparents house while traveling for the holidays.

He's cute. Thanks for sharing and glad you figured out Picasa...didn't know you needed help or I would have jumped in.
I love it- it's pretty easy. i also love the email feature where if you hold some pics in the tray and click email they automatically upload to your email...and VERY fast way to send pics to folks who don't do the blog thing, or you want a certain set of pics to a certain group of people.

Happy Thursday!

Amanda S. said...

Andy thought it would be okay to do the same thing with Wesley AND carry him in to another room. WHAT????

kelly w said...

ejw-i was most concerned that jacob was not technically IN the basket, but UPON the basket-full of clothes :) my cousin jacob slept in a bathtub many-a-time on trips :)

i'm pretty proficient with picasa...i was referring to my recent problem. when i put my memory card in my OLD computer, a screen would pop up that asked me what i wanted to do, and i just had to choose, save and view in picasa. on my new computer, that's not an option. so, i had to go a round about way. i don't use picasa web albums...just plain ole picasa. i've used the email feature several times! its so nice that it automatically shrinks your pics to the correct size for email!

amanda, i think we should be worried about our husbands :) i have no evidence that tim carried jacob anywhere, but it wouldn't surprise me-ha!!!