Friday, April 3, 2009

mimi's birthday at the zoo...3.17

for mimi's birthday, i asked her what ONE thing she would love to do more than anything else in the world...she said spend the day at the zoo with my grandkids!!! (okay, okay...i took MASSIVE liberty with that quote!) well, sweet mimi that she is, she DID in fact spend her birthday with me, my 3 kids, dianna (pregnant with sweet baby girl!), and dianna's 2 kids! what a trooper!!!as you have seen before on my blog, when my friend from high school dianna comes to memphis to visit her parents i steal her as often as i can! she is such a loyal and awesome girl!
her daughter grace and sarah act as though they see each other all the time. whenever they get together, they just pick back up right where they left off a few months before!
we toured the zoo for a while, stopping VERY often to have snack time and to visit with other friends who were enjoying the perfect day at the zoo as well!!!
we ate lunch outside on picnic tables and enjoyed the ever popular back yard burger selection for ridiculous airport type prices :)
we HAD to take a spin on the carousel...

and we must always get a pic with this buddha...especially cute with my kids' fingers up its nose...
and this face is the face of a super exhausted spoiled little 4.5 month old who could not for the life of him figure out how to go to sleep at the zoo. too much to see, too much to do :) he was SO beyond tired, but he stayed awake until we got ALL the way home (about 30 minutes in the car!). what a little stinker!!!
it was jacob's first trip to the zoo. i'm hoping he gets the hang of it...i foresee MANY more trips there in his future...

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