Tuesday, May 12, 2009

dinner date with the little's...4.23

we had our sunday school teachers over for dinner on thursday night the 23rd. i know. we look like big suck ups :) but, allison and jason and their three precious kiddos are good friends. but i just think its funnier to say i had our s.s. teachers come to dinner!!! we had a great time!

miss allison is sarah's choir teacher. sarah was SO excited miss allison was coming over! she asked me to fix her hair "fancy" and she ran upstairs to get her bow on her own. and she told me where to place it. and she asked for makeup. of course, since she wasn't leaving the house, it didn't really matter. so i obliged. she was on cloud nine!!!

we were having shish kabobs for dinner, so i made a plate of veggies and such for the kids to make their own bobs...surprisingly, no one lost an eye from the skewers! of course, the adults were on high alert (especially watchful over the three year olds...drew and maddox!)!!!

when it was dinner time, we told all the kids to find a place to sit to eat outside. there are approximately 12 spots for kids to comfortably dine in our backyard...two picnic tables and a small round table. all 5 kids HAD HAD HAD to eat around the tiny round table. of course...

the kids played...and played...and played. i couldn't believe it. they were happy and played well til 10:30pm!?! what?!? we weren't gonna mess with a good thing, so we just visited lots.

it was a really fun night with new(ish) friends.

p.s. note sarah's sun glasses on her head...so "fancy"!!!

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Kristi said...

I like all the yellow squash on Sarah's "bob"!