Monday, May 11, 2009

mops playdate...4.22

we had such a great turn out on our mops easter egg hunt that we decided to have another wednesday afternoon playdate! this time we met at a different park with bubbles and side walk chalk...the kids were ALL so exhausted from preschool wheel week, but still had a blast playing together! i think this time we had 13 or 14 moms and at least 30 kiddos! we pretty much took over the playground!!!
not surprisingly, we did my ole standby of grabbing some fast food on the way home and getting straight in the shower and then into the beds pronto!
good times!!!


Anonymous said...

The children up under the slide reminds me of when my children went to the park on Effingham, where the duck had her next under the slide, and they were so excited to see the baby ducks. . . do you remember that? I'm sure you took them there, you were always the sweetest, nurturing cousin!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

Uh, sorry, nest, not next.