Sunday, May 10, 2009

sarah's wheel day...4.22

sarah marching out with her class...remember how it was freezing for drew's wheel day?
it was H.O.T. the very next day for sarah's wheel day. memphis. nice.
sarah and her favorite buddy griffin
thinking REALLY hard about her ice cream choice...that's my girl :)
today jacob was able to enjoy the bright sun and heat of wheel day...wonder what he thinks of the crazy weather?!? blankets and winter clothes one day and sunhats and summer clothes the next!
one of my absolutely FAVORITE new pictures...
(mimi and poppy were troopers and came to TWO separate days of wheel day this year. last year both kids had it on the same day...)

you'll probably have to enlarge the above pic to truly experience and appreciate my comment...sarah did. not. stop. talking. the whole time she was riding. her mouth is wide open in this pic talking to her friend anna leigh. we laughed every time she rode by. always, always talking. wonder where she gets THAT?!?
again with the wide. open. mouth...
don't they look like they are cooking up something? anna leigh, ava, and sarah...

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