Saturday, May 9, 2009

drew's wheel day...4.21

doesn't jacob look thrilled to be at wheel day?!?
drew walking out with his sweet little class...
drew ran as FAST as he could towards poppy when he spotted him...too sweet!
mimi trying to protect baby jacob from the freezing was easily 50 degrees that day with brisk winds. most kiddos were dressed for the weather we HAD been having...upper 70s, sun, and light breeze. all the little ones (and parents/grandparents too!) were chilled to the bone!
partners in crime...drew and ava.

another attempt to keep jacob warm...
daddy helping drew adjust his helmet...
there was a slight miscommunication from the preschool regarding helmet requirements.
so, drew did not have a helmet prior to wheel day.
nor did he have a helmet with him on the morning of wheel day when daddy took him to school.
nor did he have a helmet at 9:15am when daddy called mommy to inform her that her son would not be allowed to ride his 6-inches-off-the-ground tricycle without a helmet.
so, mommy brought drew sarah's old helmet. and it was dora.
poor little brother. of course...he loved it :)
(and he WILL have his own boy helmet before wheel day next year!!!)

drew was beyond excited to have mimi, poppy, daddy, mommy, and little brother at his wheel day! he rode the whole 45 minutes...he was a tuckered out little boy that afternoon!!!

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