Thursday, July 2, 2009

another fun visit from dianna and fam...5.28

it was a VERY overcast and almost chilly day when we went to the sprinkler park with dianna, josh, grace, brady, and baby "X" in dianna's belly!!!
drew was chugging along like he always does and he busted HARD...poor little guy. he immediately had a really fat lip. thankfully, mr. josh was there to assess the damage for us. (the blood was a little overwhelming!)
jacob sat in the stroller and just took it all in. it was cool enough that i used a beach towel to cover his legs!
sweet pregnant dianna with the girls...
the kids made a fort out of the picnic table and the towels...
the boys were SO cold. their lips were blue and they couldn't quit shivering. but they kept going back for more!

a pitiful attempt at a group picture...

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