Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a last minute playdate at the sprinkler park...5.27

(how in the world did i get a picture of them where BOTH of them had their eyes closed?!?)

(i have the weirdest pictures of drew...SO much blackmail!)

so, after nap time one day, i called up my friends amy and mary and asked them if they wanted to spend the witching hours together at the sprinkler park!?!

45 minutes later, we were all there, with pizza, diet cokes, juice boxes, chips and dips, and!!! i was impressed with us :) and poppy made a quick stop by to see us too! it was a really fun impromptu playdate!

notice the dark clouds in the background in some of the pics...when we left, i mean IMMEDIATELY upon us all getting into our cars, the floodgates opened...whew...

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